About REV-Bikes

REV-Bikes, located at Warrandyte, near Melbourne, is a division of Revolving Energy Pty Ltd.  We are a growing business committed to assisting people access technologies for a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  The Company was formed in mid 2011, after 4 years trading as Seedlinks – “SEEDing ideas and LINKing communities”. 

REV-Bikes provide electric bikes and conversion kits designed to get people riding bikes where they otherwise wouldn’t, or keep riding when they may consider themselves either too unfit or ‘a bit past it’.  We encourage the use of recycled bikes for conversions, rather than needing a whole new bike.  We assist those who may not have the skills to convert a bike, by running free demonstrations and workshops around Melbourne.  In our online store we also offer renewable energy charging solutions, for those who would prefer not to charge from mains power.

With a passion for grid-connected solar energy systems and energy efficiency, REV-Bikes allows us to have some fun in the sustainability space, while we adapt to less carbon-intensive modes of transport.  Anyone who trades their car in sometimes for an electric bike will enjoy the benefits of cost-saving and less stress.  But we also find the fun factor is having a wide range of people move towards electric bikes because they are funky and powerful, not really for the eco-factor.. But they do drive the car less now, so our mission is accomplished!  Check out our our site to familiarise yourself with electric bikes, and Contact Us with any questions.


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