Hub Motor Kit Installations:

The installation is quite simple when it’s broken down into the 3 parts:

1.  The Wheel:

  • Remove old wheel
  • Swap tyre & tube
  • Swap disc brake (if fitted)
  • Mount new wheel
  • Check spokes / true the wheel
  • Add Torque Bar/s if necessary

2.  The Battery:

  • Attach Rack / Bracket
  • Connect plug to motor
  • Slide & lock on battery

3.  The Controls & Connection:

  • Remove handlebar grips
  • Find the best way to mount Throttle, Brake Levers / Sensor & display
  • Mount the controller in the supplied bag
  • Run the cables neatly along the bike, using cable-ties

Full detailed instructions (produced by REV, not by some foreign suppliers) are provided with all our kits.  And we have installation videos like this one:

All bikes are different, and many bikes will present the odd barrier to a simple install – a practical problem-solving mind can come in handy, as with any DIY project.  And of course you can call us with any questions 🙂

We sometimes run Conversion Workshops around Melbourne, for those without the required tools or practical skills to embark on a conversion alone.  These sessions will help you have your bike set-up within a day, in most cases.

We also deliver our Electric Bike Mechanics Training Courses to skill people in the art of E-Bike Mechanics.  The course allows you to undertake your own conversion, and learn all about the workings of ebikes generally – a must if you’re looking to get into the industry.

More handy Video’s around installations:

Programming Software for Magic Controllers & Pie 2 & 3 Motors

Programming Software for Magic Pie 4 & 5 Motors


Silicon Chip article – 8 page detailed write-up of a conversion done in 2011.