500w 8FUN mid-mount 48v12ah rack

500w chain-driving motor, with 48v 11.6ah battery, for 40+kms per charge.

If you're looking specifically for a mid-mount motor kit, of course you have heard of the Bafang (or '8FUN') motors.  There is a reason they have such a good reputation.. we have seen for ourselves the quality control systems in place at the factory outside Shanghai, and we are definitely impressed with the performance of their mid-mount systems.

Having the motor running on the chain (rather than hub motors which run independently of the bike's drivetrain) gives you the advantage of having several more practical 'gears' on your e-bike.  When you are in a low gear (for taking off or hill climbing), you will get higher torque from the motor.  And when you are in a higher gear, you will get more top speed from the motor.  This leads to more efficient use of the battery, and the motor can be assisting you at intuitive levels.

The motor mounts through any standard bottom bracket, and the controller & pedelec are both internal within the motor, so on most bikes, the fitting is VERY straightforward.  We will fit it for you for $200 on a standard bike, or you can DIY of course (Ranger battery shown below).

The kit comes with a single front chain wheel and guard (as well as cranks), so you can get rid of your (redundant once electrified) 3 cogs and front derailleur, and the shifter on the left side of your handlebars, making room for the thumb throttle (great for throttling when turning right with your arm out).  Your rear gears will remain untouched, and in most cases won't even need adjusting.

When changing gears on the rear, if the motor is still putting tension on the chain, you will feel the clunk, as though you are changing gears once you’ve already started climbing that hill.  To avoid this, we include the popular Gear Sensor, which cuts power temporarily while you change gears, for ultra-smooth operation.

In some cases with rear derailleur gears, the chain line may not be straight enough in lower gears to prevent the chain from coming off the front chain ring especially on rough terrain. To rectify this potential issue, we recommend the use of a Lekkie Bling Ring as an alternative to the standard Bafang front chain ring.

The LCD mounts centrally over the headstem, with a line out to the buttons for pedelec control being mounted right beside the grip for easy access.  You can choose to set it up with 3 pedelec levels, or up to 9 levels. 

The 48v 11.6ah Rack Battery suits step-through bikes, and allows you to mount a basket or bag on the top too.  Look after the battery (following our Care Guidelines) for up to 1500 charge cycles. LG Lithium NMC cells used.  This pack will get you at least 40kms per charge, double that if using efficiently with pedelec.  

Weight of the motor/controller unit is 3.8kg, battery weight of 4kg, so the kit is not adding much overall to the bike.

Feel free to call us to arrange a test ride on the glorious hills of Warrandyte :)


500w 8FUN mid-mount 48v12ah rack

Item Price: $1850.00

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