Rack 250w Kit (75km+)

This is the REVolutionary 250w hub motor kit, with a super-long range rack battery for mounting over the rear wheel of the bike.  Well suited to step-through bikes, and those with limited space in the frame, or with curvy down-tubes (cruisers). 

The subtle and stylish black mini-motor (geared with 1:4.4 ratio planetary gear system) comes mounted in a double walled 36-hole Alex rim with 12G stainless spokes, in a front wheel as standard (call us if interested in a rear wheel).  There are holes to attach disc brakes, and the electrical cable out has a plug nearby the axle, to allow easy disconnection when removing the wheel.

This quality motorised wheel is matched with a compact 14amp waterproof controller, which runs all the standard controls, and can also connect lights to the main battery.  All connections are rated IP54 waterproof, and included is a multi-location bag for mounting the controller onto your bike.

To run strictly road legal as a 250w pedelec (automatic assistance when you are pedalling), all you need to do is connect the pedelec sensor device to the crank arm (let us know if you need a Crank Extractor Tool), and clamp the LCD Dashboard onto the handlebars.  This Dashboard allows you to adjust the strength of pedelec assistance from Economy mode to Power mode, or turn assistance off.  It also shows battery level, speed, and a few other handy stats.

There is a single cable from the controller to the handlebar controls, which include the LCD Dashboard, and also the optional-to-install throttles (thumb style, or twist with cruise control button), and electronic cut-out brake levers.

The package is completed by a long-range Lithium tri-metal (NMC) battery, designed to mount over the rear wheel.  You have the benefit of gaining a useful rack (which can be used to put a basket on, etc), to which the battery slides in and locks into place. And bonus.. the battery has a rear light included.

This chemistry of Lithium battery is the leading used for electric vehicles at the moment, due in part to the life span (up to 2000 charge cycles), and also the favourable energy density, meaning you can get more range per kilogram of weight carried.

This battery is 19.2ah in capacity, meaning it should take you about 75kms if using the throttle on undulating terrain, or double that if using pedelec on fairly flat terrain with few stop-starts.  

Order now for a FREE rack top bag, with foldout panniers, valued at $55.  

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Rack 250w Kit (75km+)

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