Cycle Analyst

A high-quality onboard computer for accurate data on distances, speed, battery management and a host of other features, the Cycle Analyst is a great way to have optimal control of your system while you are out and about.

v2.4 Stand Alone Model (CA-SA): The stand-alone Cycle Analyst comes pre-calibrated to a molded shunt resistor capable of handling 45 amps continuous and up to 100 amps peak. It is designed to be compatible with virtually all types of Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs). A pair of pigtail leads on either side of the shunt simply connect between the vehicle's battery pack and motor controller. Speed is detected via a spoke magnet and sensor cable.

The model we have available is the version 2.4, and we can get the version 3 if you wish (its a little more expensive, but you can run your whole system through it), contact us to discuss or place an order for this if you wish.


Cycle Analyst

Item Price: $220.00

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