E-bike Battery Repacks & Builds

Here at REV-Bikes, we offer services to repack old tired e-bike batteries with new Lithium cells, which is particulary useful if the specific case you need is no longer commercially available.  This option is usually cheaper than buying a whole new pack, it reduces landfill waste, and we will even ensure your old cells are properly recycled.

We also build up custom battery packs to suit particular applications.  Whether you want a larger capacity battery to mount in the frame, or a high-power battery to run larger motors, we have built all sorts of packs to suit a wide variety of applications.

We use only LG (MH1 & HE2) and Samsung (29E) cells, and can quote to meet your requirements.  Give us a call to discuss, we can normally quote after a conversation and usually a couple of photos.  We can build in-frame batteries to your shape and size, normally from a cardboard cutout (so we get the angles perfect for you).

E-bike Battery Repacks & Builds

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