Attend a Demo or DIY Conversion Workshop

REV-Bikes understand that not everyone is confident enough with electrics, or even basic bike maintenance, to embark on a task such as an electric bike conversion without some help.  But many people love their own bike, and would love to add an electric kit themselves.

REV-Bikes offer Conversion Workshops & Demonstrations around Melbourne, and at our Workshop in Warrandyte.

Workshops are free if you've purchased a kit from us, or $15 if you haven't (refundable if you subsequently purchase a kit).

Can I bring my bike?

Yes, you can follow along with us and convert your bike too.  We don't do it FOR you, because we know how good it feels to get involved in the production process of your electric bike, and get your hands dirty..  There is a real sense of pride when you can say "I built this".



UPCOMING EVENTS (Including Demo bikes for fun TEST RIDES): 

None currently scheduled.

Visit the Contact Us page if you'd like to be informed of events.


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