About REV-Bikes

OUR MISSION – To excite and inspire the transition towards sustainable & active transport,  through a friendly focus on fun, exceeding expectations on performance and service, and professionally delivering personally tailored solutions.

REV-Bikes are passionate about getting people riding bikes, when they otherwise wouldn’t.   For some, this may mean ditching the car for a healthier commute, or others keep riding when they may consider themselves either too unfit or “˜a bit past it’.   We know through personal experience that often the fastest, most active, environmentally friendly and FUN way to commute is by e-bike, it makes our 30km trip to the city an awesome adventure!

‘Rev-Becca’ Lee, Owner and Chief Rev-Tech, built her first electric bike back in 2009.   Seeing such limited options for electric bikes in Australia, and negative stereotypes affecting their popularity back then, she set about building inspiring and creative solutions to active transport, hoping to help more people to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, and looking stylish in the process.

REV-Bikes encourage the re-use of existing bikes for conversions, rather than needing a whole new bike.   This way, you can pull your old bike out of the shed and give it a new lease on life, building a quality e-bike on a tight budget, or you may end up with a higher spec’d e-bike than most available factory-made.   If you already have a bike you like, this is a great starting point for an e-bike, customized to your particular requirements.

We can deliver e-bikes to your house for test rides, and also offer our Mobile E-Bike Workshop Services across Melbourne, to add an electric system to your bike right there in your driveway.

We also assist the growth of the e-bike sector by delivering the only Electric Bike Mechanics Training Course in Australia, where our students build their own e-bike, learn the practical and theoretical workings of e-bikes, and thereby we grow the pool of skilled people ready to service the rapidly expanding industry.

Our growing team of Rev-Techs are spreading across Australia – check out our growing Dealers List to find an experienced E-Bike Mechanic near you.

We hope you learn something about electric bikes while visiting our site, get inspired by visiting our gallery (via Instagream / FB), and please feel free to  Contact Us with any questions.  We have experienced and passionate Rev-Techs waiting to answer your call.

Our Head Mechanic

Hamed came to Australia with his wife and 2-month-old daughter about 4 years ago, after having run a large bike store in Iran, and enjoying a crazy career in endurance mountain-biking.  He came to work part time at REV-Bikes in 2019 (with very limited English), and we were very grateful to enjoy and learn from his excellent experience, polished skills, and helpful happy attitude in our workshop.

To our dismay, his family were offered permanent residency by NSW at the end of 2019, so long as they went to live there for 2 years, which they of course did (can you imagine living in Iran as a woman, raising a daughter?!?  Most of us consider that a fate worse than death!).

Hamed continued working with REV casually during that time, installing systems around town in Sydney, outside his regular job as Head Mechanic for a major bike chain up there.  But we desperately wanted him back, and finally that wish came true in 2022.

After a fleeting visit home to Iran to see their family, Hamed has settled in nicely as our Head Mechanic in May, rearranging the workshop to be uber organised and tidy, and setting up some excellent systems for getting things done accurately and efficiently.

You can rest assured Hamed will take impeccable care of your bike, treating it as if it were his own, and set everything up to work flawlessly.  He is a wiz at keeping bikes rolling smoothly, with his attention to detail in servicing, meticulous cleaning of drivetrains and frames, and excellent skills at disappearing cables on the bike.

If you are lucky enough to have Hamed working on your bike, or advising you on what it needs to help avoid a breakdown (yes, he’s doing a great job with his English now!), we trust you’ll understand our beaming opinion of him.

Hamed also manages our team of casual mechanics, who we value deeply for stepping up when we get hectic.

Thanks for your excellent contribution to the team Hamed!