Our E-Bike conversion testimonials and reviews

Of course, you’re thinking, “it’s a lot of money if it doesn’t work” or something similar! We understand it’s difficult to know who to trust in the electric bike space, as so many companies have come and gone over the past few years.

We hope you’ll take some confidence from our many customers who rave about our products and our service. Here are a few selected reviews.

Absolute pleasure to deal with. The one on one service is great. They go above and beyond, even when they are under the pump.

Matthew, Melbourne

Service & advice was what made me go to Rev-bikes. Converted my wife’s 5yo Liv to electric mid mount. Planning a bit earlier helps, but they made space and got the bike done early. My wife was taken for a lesson ride which was spot on what she needed.

Kerry and Dave

Rev, you continually surpass my expectations!  I’m still loving the bike conversion, especially now the Spring weather is here (well, occasionally here).

Peter, Ringwood

Well after lots of research we chose you. We’re certainly not disappointed. You have guided as through the whole process without pushing and explaining the pros and cons of each system. We have now a superb set of electric bikes …  We feel like your customer service and honesty is one of the best and know that if any problems should arise we wouldn’t have to worry. I would highly recommend you to all without hesitation.

Susan & Daniel

I am very happy with the performance. I always ride sensibly so as not to attract the attention of the law I always pedal for the same reason. I never ride at maximum speed. I am getting about 65-70 KMS out of a full charge.

Greg, Blair Athol

I’ve been for a 6km test ride earlier today, recharged. Then a 13km test ride tonight, used 3AH and used it harder than I needed too for commuting. Fantastic little motor, can cruse at 200w and then it pulls up to 1200w going up hills. From how I feel it seems to take 2/3’s of the effort out of riding, so the 25km ride to work should be easy.

The ride today went well, Blackburn North to Collingwood, cruised in at 30kph max and used 4AH to travel 22km in 52 minutes. Trip home is steeper, same distance 6AH in 56 minutes, average speed on the computer was 28kph with a max of 47kph (with pedalling in top gear on the flat).   I may have had a faster average this morning but did not notice the function on the computer until tonight.

My best times riding in without the motor were 45 minutes going hard and 75 minutes home, so it is definitely faster. Noticed the Cycle Analyst has a total distance tracker, up to 66km already for 15AH, pretty cool device.

The recharge is pretty quick the 60% usage only took 2 hours to charge up tonight.

I noticed it varied the power from 50 to 300 watts depending on pedalling and hills “¦ overall I am pretty pleased.

Hugh, Melbourne

I just wanted to let you know how good the bike is”¦!

I am really enjoying cycling again and yesterday was a classic example.

Five of us got caught in some crappy headwinds on a return ride to the cars.   I was the only one that didn’t end up exhausted and with leg “œmuscle pump” [Couldn’t understand what they were complaining about] 😊

John, Melbourne

Hi Rebecca

It’s been great getting out on long rides together, so glad of the fantastic job you did on converting Phil’s bike. We love the freedom of where we can ride together now.

Thank you so very much.

Sandy and Phil, Melbourne

Hi Bec,

Just got home from first ride and it was perfect. I was worried about chain slippage but that didn’t happen once and it was incredibly smooth. Throttle was great too – really handy at the traffic lights when you’re on a bit of an incline.

Really impressed with everything you did and the service was fantastic. Thanks again for everything and hopefully I’ll get the rest of the family into an ebike soon.

Brett, Melbourne

The bike is the best!! I love it so much and have spent a lot more time outside in nature on bike tracks because of you guys, thank you for what you do.

Sally, Melbourne

Recently had my bike converted by this dynamic duo and it has changed my life!!  Living in the hilly region of Warrandyte my 250w motor now makes riding up hill and down dale a pleasure rather than a show-stopper.

I can now get out and about around town and leave my car in the garage – which is healthier for the both me and planet!

Sandi, Melbourne

Hi  Rebecca,

Just returned from my first ride, YESSSS.

Also would like to say thank you so much for all the effort and trouble you went to to give me the bike that I wanted, also the friendly and expert advice that you shared with me was so much appreciated.  I look forward to many years of enjoyable riding.

Best wishes,


Having my bike converted to an electric bike was a great decision, and I was lucky to come across REV. They are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and nothing seems to be too much of a problem for them. A very professional operation. 5/5 score from me!

Peter, Melbourne

Absolutely love my daughters enhanced bike. We received excellent service and care and would recommend REV BIKES to anyone needing enhanced motorised bikes.

Sonalee, Melbourne

I can’t say enough good things about Rev-Bikes, in all my dealings with them they have been very approachable and happy to help.   I have always believed that it should be easy to give good customer service when things are going well, it’s when there’s a problem that you really find out how far a business is prepared to go to help.   When I needed a new wheel for my bike due to a controller failure, they personally delivered it to me the next day, to ensure that I was back on the road as quickly as possible. That’s what I call outstanding customer service.

John, Elwood

I had become frustrated with the long waits in traffic to get from work to home and thought that an electric bike would be the answer to these frustrations of my daily commute.

During our research we discovered Rev Bikes, after contacting you we were invited down for a test ride on the shops bikes to cement our ideas.  Establishing if it was better to convert my current pedal bike or if it was better option to purchase a dedicated electric bike.

You were fantastic explaining the differences and in a short time provided myself and my husband with detailed operational instructions.  This enabled us to safely manage these two bikes on the bike trail that connects the Nunawading to Mitcham railway stations together.

You provided us with two different bikes to try out, one had a hub motor, while the other was a mid-drive system.  During the test we switched bikes to both experience each mode, without a doubt this helped convenience me which system was best for me.  I was so sold on the concept and I left my beloved ‘Daisy’ at your shop for conversion to an electric assisted bike.

After picking the bike up, you helped me understand the controls and ensure I had a good grasp of its handling abilities. Once at home I took it out for a long test ride to cement the operational control in my mind and get used to its operation.  During this ride I ascended the Dana Street Hill (It is very steep and something that is avoided on a normal pedal bike) in low gear and with the mid drive motor engaged, ‘Daisy’ ascended it easily, with minimal effort on my part.  I travelled from there to home in about 20 minutes which is twice the distance from my work.  On arrival at home I was not tired or exhausted, it was an absolute pleasure.

I would like to say that our whole experience with Rev Bikes has been amazing.  Your customer service skills are excellent, as is your knowledge of converting standard bikes to electric assisted bikes.  Daisy’s transformation is nothing short of amazing.

I would wholeheartedly recommend your business to anyone considering converting their existing pedal bike to an electric bike.  Your company has an extensive knowledge in this field and your customer care and after sales service is excellent.  Well done and Thanks 🙂

Eil (Owner of ‘Daisy’)

Eileen, Melbourne

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