Why DIY with a REV-Bike Conversion Kit?

REV-Bikes Conversion Kits allow you to add a motor to virtually ANY BIKE, so you are no longer restricted by the limited range of styles/colors available on factory electric bikes.   If you like being proud of things you DIY, you will enjoy adding the electric kit to your bike, and get many more options in terms of power.   The other benefit to this is that we can convert old retro bikes, mountain bikes, BMX’s, fixies, tandems, tricycles, recumbents, and more.

The kits are a great project, which results in something you can not only be proud of, but it will also help you get around, AND you’ll be the envy of your friends!

What do I Need to Convert a Bike?

If you have a reasonably practical mind (or the ability to follow INSTRUCTIONS) and a few basic bike tools, you will have no trouble installing the kit on your bike.   If you install a motorised wheel on the front or a mid-mount motor at the cranks, you will avoid needing to work around the gear cassette and derailleur, which keeps things even more simple.   To install a mid-mount system, you will need to remove your entire bottom bracket.

If the sound of this blows your mind, this task may not be for you.   But there are some video guides to help you..

Check out our Things To Consider vid below, showing some of the considerations when looking at particular bikes and suitability for particular kits.


Tools needed

The bike tinkerers tool box normally does the job, although every bike is different.   Generally speaking, a set of screwdrivers, set of spanners, a standard metric Allen key set and some cable ties will do most of the job.   Some practical problem solving is helpful too, as always on a DIY, not everything can be planned for.   Where are just a phone call away if you hit something you can’t handle 🙂

Specifically for each individual component of the conversion:

For front and rear hub motor wheels, tyre levers, to change your tyre from the existing wheel.

For rear hub motor wheels, a cassette removing tool and chain whip will be required to re-use your old cassette.

If you wish to install a Pedelec, a crank removal tool is needed.   Sometimes a lock ring will be required to secure the sensor to the BB/ frame.

To fit a mid-mount motor, a bottom bracket removal tool is required.   There are a few different types.

Mounting batteries can sometimes require a Rivnut toolto add threaded river if there are not holes in the right place.   You may want to shorten excess cable and redo the Anderson Connectors with a Crimping Tool.

Fitting brake sensors requires some sandpaper and awesome glue, such as JB Weld.

You can also have your bike converted by us, which you may find a much quicker and easier solution.

You can find more of our Conversion Guide Video’s at REV’s  YouTube Channel