Want to get involved in the installation of your REV-Bikes kit?

REV-Bikes include the cost of standard installation (by our experienced technicians) with all of our kits, as we’d prefer it’s done RIGHT (there are so many things that can present challenges).   We also know you’ll love the professional finish when it’s done by us, as well as the lifetime warranty on our work.   You can choose from a growing number of REV-trained & approved Installers to have your kit fitted.

If you really want to get involved with the installation of your kit (while we make sure you get it done efficiently, accurately and safely), then attend one of our SUPPORTED INSTALLATION DAYS.   These often take place at the conclusion of our 3.5 day Training Course, and our staff and students will support you to fit the kit to your bike, within a day.   Order your kit (selecting your local supported Install Day as the installer) at least 2 weeks in advance, & we’ll give you $150 cash back on the installed RRP!!!

Alternatively, you can become an approved REV installer yourself, by attending our 3.5 day E-Bike Mechanic Training Course (only $750 on top of your kit cost).   Our Electric Bike Mechanics Training Courses help to skill people in the art of E-Bike Mechanics. The course allows you to undertake your own conversion, and learn all about the workings of E-Bikes generally – a must if you’re looking to get into the industry.

To get clear on what’s involved in the installation of our kits, you can watch some of our instructional installation videos below, or visit our YouTube channel.   We do go into quite a bit of detail, and point out some of the common challenges you may face. We don’t intend to make it look easier than it really is, but it often is the case. There are often complications which we cannot possibly cover!   These are the reason we no longer sell kits for self-install.  

The 3 parts of a hub motor installation:

The three stages of DIY converting a bike to electric

  • Wheel:
    • Remove old wheel
    • Swap tyre and tube
    • Tighten spokes
    • Mount new wheel
    • Add torque bar
  • Battery:
    • Attach tray
    • Mount rack
    • Slide & lock
  • Controls & connection:
    • Remove handlebar grips
    • Throttle/battery gauge
    • Cruise control/horn
    • Regen brake levers
    • Pedelec if desired
    • Power connections

More handy videos on DIY electric bike kit installations:

More E-Bike conversion resources

Silicon Chip article ‘Building an eBike [PDF 438KB]: 8 page detailed write-up of a conversion done in 2011.