Our aim is to have your order to you within 2–7 days of the order being placed.
In an instance when your delivery cannot be completed within this timeframe, a representative of Rev Bikes will contact you.

Small items

Cost of shipping is free and shipped (in most cases) via Australia Post Tracked Delivery.
A copy of the tracking number will be forwarded to you on request, if your delivery has not arrived within 7 days.

E-bikes and other bulky items

Shipping of bikes to Melbourne Metro Area is free of charge. Once your order is complete, a representative of Rev Bikes will contact you to arrange a delivery date and time.

The cost of shipping to Regional Victoria or interstate is dependent on the size of the product, location, and the freight company that services your requested delivery address.
Once your order is finalised, a Rev representative will contact you to discuss the cost of shipping. If you require freight pricing before you order, please contact us to arrange a shipping quote. Shipping costs are processed separately to online orders due to the significant fluctuation of sizes and weights. You can expect to pay somewhere between $100 and $350 across the Australian Eastern Seaboard.
Tracking Number will be forwarded to you once the order has been dispatched.


A REV customer is part of the REV family, and as such, we take great care to ensure the product you receive is what you ordered, it works correctly, and it exceeds your expectations.

7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on complete bike systems (non-conversions)

All our bikes come with a 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not convinced the bike will change your life for the better, or you are somehow disappointed with the bike within the first 7 days after pickup or delivery, we will provide a full refund (shipping excluded).
Email with a copy of your order confirmation, and an explanation of why you are not satisfied, and we will be in touch to rectify the problem or arrange the refund.

7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on bicycle conversions

If you have ordered Rev Bikes to convert your existing bicycle into an electric bicycle (e-bike), whilst parts (motor, and accessories) are covered by the terms of the 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, your refund will only be partial, as the initial conversion cost and the associated costs of converting your bicycle back to its original state will need to be deducted.
For more details on conversion refunds, see the appropriate paragraph in the Refunds section below.

Warranty Claims

If you have a problem with your bike / parts of the electrical system, please contact us immediately to discuss the best way to proceed.
Taking your bike to an unauthorised mechanic / technician is not recommended, as their actions may void your warranty*.
If you cannot bring the bike to our store / your local REV Dealer, we will likely ask you for photos / video to show the problem, so we can make an initial assessment. REV Bikes reserves the right to determine whether the problem is a product fault, or has been caused by incorrect use.
If the assessment determines the fault is due to mechanical or electrical failure, your e-bike will be repaired/replaced free of charge.
If our assessment determines a fault is due to user error, we will advise you on the reason why the fault occurred and the cost to repair it – costs will include replacement parts, labour and shipping.
In remote cases, we will usually be able to help you rectify the problem over the phone, or assist your local bike shop to undertake any repairs (at OUR cost, if it’s deemed to be a warranty fault).
If required, you will need to send faulty parts back to us, and we will send replacements to you as soon as these are received, or a tracking number is cited.
If there is any evidence of rough treatment or incorrect use, the parts may not be covered by warranty.
*Note: A detailed Warranty Guide is provided with all systems, so please ensure you read this and follow it.

Damaged / incorrectly sent goods

In the rare occasion that you are in receipt of an item which has been damaged in transit, or is not the item you ordered, we are happy to replace, exchange or refund the item and cover the additional shipping costs, as long as you meet the following conditions.

  • Email with a copy of your order confirmation, a photograph of the damaged or incorrect goods, and a short description explaining the problem.
  • The goods arrive at Rev Bike in the condition described in the email, the packaging is intact (within reason).

Incorrectly ordered goods

If you have ordered the wrong size/type of component/accessory ,Rev Bikes will be happy to exchange or refund your purchase, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • You return the item to us within 14 days of receiving it (the customer is responsible for delivery back to Rev Bikes)
  • The packaging is in a state where the item can be resold.
  • The item has not been damaged / incurred any wear and tear.

A refund or replacement part will then be provided. If the cost of posting the replacing item/s back to you totals more than $10, you may have to pay additional postage. In these situations, a Rev Bike representative will contact you.


Parts, components and accessories

If the item you’ve ordered is for some reason unavailable, or there is no reasonable replacement available, Rev Bikes will offer a refund.
Refunds will be processed by the same method the order was placed, and will take between 7–10 days of the refund amount being confirmed.

Refunds on e-bikes after the 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee period

No refund for change of mind after 7 days. You may be able to replace your purchase with a different model, but this will incur additional labour and delivery charges (including the return of your e-bike to Rev Bikes) as well as paying the difference in price between the two bicycles.
If you are dissatisfied with your purchase following the 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee period, email with a copy of the order confirmation, a photograph of the bicycle and the reasons why you are requesting an exchange.
A Rev Bikes representative will then be in contact to discuss your options.
However, in unique and exceptional circumstances a full or partial refund may be available beyond the 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee period.
Rev Bikes reserve the right to determine whether or not your circumstances qualify for a full or partial refund.

Refunds on conversions

When a customer decides to convert their traditional bicycle into an electric bicycle (e-bike), Rev Bikes work with the customer to help them navigate the many motor/battery configurations available, to make sure they get the best conversion to suit their needs.

If you decide you are not happy with the conversion of your bicycle into an e-bike during the 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee period you will be entitled to a PARTIAL refund. The Refund will NOT INCLUDE the $300 conversion, the cost of labour for removing the electrical systems and returning your bike to its traditional state, and shipping.

If, after the 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee period you decide you want your bicycle converted back into a traditional bicycle, there is NO refund available and you will be charged the cost of labour to remove the electrical components.