Why move to an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes take the best features of your car and bicycle, and roll them into one nifty sustainable transport solution!   As well as being extremely cool, they also happen to be brilliantly practical, so why not upgrade your  existing bike to a REV Bike!

Electric Bikes DO:

  • travel faster through city streets or country tracks,
  • eliminate the need to sit around in traffic, or wait for crammed public transport
  • allow you to arrive fresh and lightly exercised (rather than road-raged or sweaty)
  • mean you can keep up with your ultra-fit partner
  • parking is a breeze every time, and
  • riding costs under $1 per 100kms.

Over half of all car trips in Melbourne are less than 5 km.  These are convenient distances by bicycle.

Electric Bikes DON’T:

  • require a licence, roadworthy, rego, or insurance
  • need you to constantly fill them with petrol and oil
  • require a parking space or
  • pollute our cities with greenhouse gas emissions.

The reasons for driving less are pretty obvious; it’s expensive, polluting, you need a licence and rego, its frustrating sitting in traffic, and then you have to park the thing somewhere.   In addition to all that, cars encourage us to be extremely lazy, taking our car down the shops when we could walk or cycle.

Most people will never give up their car totally, although they may cycle “sometimes”.  But there is always that big hill, the weight of carrying something, or simply our limited fitness that prevents most of us from using a bike for the majority of our short trips, as we could.

With an electric bike, more of the trips you often make can be by bike (at least when its sunny), and the distance you can easily cycle will at least double, with no red face or BO!

Convert your existing bike.