What is LoVo Technology?

LoVo Technology limits the top charging voltage of the packs to a safer level. This reduces stress on the cells, thereby doubling the expected usable lifespan of the pack.

Most e-bike batteries are designed to allow the rider to get maximum range possible with a (by necessity on a bike) compact & lightweight pack. This is great on the surface, however, the way it’s done is less than ideal.  The BMS’s and chargers for e-bike batteries allow the lithium cells to be charged and discharged beyond the recommended voltages, meaning a dramatic reduction of the overall lifespan of the cells. There is also a greater risk of thermal runaway under these conditions.

LoVo BMS boards still allow the cell groups to balance at the end of the charge cycle, which is the important reason why this safer practice can’t be applied to regular battery packs. LoVo chargers function exactly the same as regular chargers on these LoVo packs.

Due to the lower amount of energy being stored by the LoVo battery packs, they give about 10% less range per charge, compared to if over-charging them as per the industry standard. However, we can still achieve the same (or higher) amp-hour capacity as other retailers inside our packs, through using higher capacity cells. For example, our 36v Ranger packs were previously 14.5ah using Samsung 29E 2800mAh cells. But now we are using LG MH1 3200mAh cells, so the same pack can be 16ah without LoVo Technology, or about 14.4ah (same as before) with LoVo Technology.

We are currently the ONLY retailers in the world offering this technology, and are proud of the R&D we’ve done to provide better longevity and safety to our customers, as well as a more sustainable solution for the planet (due to less waste).   We back it with a 3 year warranty on all LoVo batteries!

We trust you’ll also see the value in our LoVo systems for many years to come.