Why buy from a specialised E-Bike Shop?

We understand you could choose to buy an e-bike kit cheaper online, and attempt to install it yourself, saving you some cash upfront.  Or to buy an e-bike for the same price or even less than our systems or bikes. However, will this actually represent better value overall?

What about buying an e-bike from a general bike shop? Will they really know enough about it?

Lets explore the pro’s and con’s of buying from a local professional company with a proven track record, compared to the other options.


REV: Given we’ve been installing e-bike systems since 2009, and have converted over 1000 different bikes, we are highly experienced in this area, and we can help you understand the questions you need answered.  Our mission is to ensure you are getting the right system to suit your needs, rather than selling you whatever the suppliers have provided to us (like most regular bike shops).  We have recently developed 3 models of our own comfort e-bikes, or can install the motor of your choosing on almost any bike.  We rarely hit a challenge we cannot solve, as we keep many different workaround solutions on hand in our workshop, are using the correct tools, and supporting the electrical installation with any required mechanical servicing, to ensure the system operates smoothly on your bike.  We get it done quick, without compromising on neatness or durability.  We follow through with lifelong servicing, including a free annual safety check.

BIKE SHOPS: Most salespeople at bike shops don’t understand enough about ebikes to really explain things clearly, so that you understand. They normally encourage you to go for a mid drive motor, without even being interested in how good you are at using the gears! We understand they are doing their best, but most of them have a lot of holes in their own knowledge, which makes it hard for you to find answers to the questions you may not even be sure of.

DIY / ONLINE SELLER: You will probably receive little or no instructions about the e-bike, or about installing a kit.  Relying on YouTube videos (such as ours) can give you a false sense of confidence, making it seem easier than it often is.  The general video probably won’t cover the challenges which your bike might throw at you, or the possible solutions you won’t know about.  You might not have all the right tools, so might need to spend extra money there.  The extra time you’ll spend should be accounted for too.  And the finished product is unlikely to look professional.



REV:  Choosing quality components at every step means our package contains no hidden extra costs, nor has any critical parts missing from the system.  Everything from chainring size options to brake sensors and even Nutserts are included.  Our hub wheels are built using 12G spokes, and double-wall rims.  Displays are colour, with USB outputs.  We program all systems to optimise usability.  Our mechanics are fully trained, and their consistent top-quality workmanship is guaranteed for the lifetime of your system.

DIY / ONLINE SELLER: Common amongst online systems are poor quality power connectors like the Bullet type (under-rated for the current), excessive cable lengths, poor quality battery cells, or brand name cells but low quality Battery Management Systems, lack of fuses in battery packs, slow chargers, under-rated motor controllers with too few mosfets, etc.  The quality of the installation, or the bike, varies wildly, as it does between regular bikes and also mechanics.



REV: We pride ourselves in finishing the bike off neatly, so it looks like it rolled out of the factory as electric.  We stash any excess cable neatly, and avoid putting ugly cable ties around the frame.  Our battery mounts include rubber underneath to reduce movement, and we can then attach our cables to that.  We have many options for the dashboard (from throttle types to displays, and cutout brake levers for cable or hydraulic brakes), to ensure the system suits the way you have the bike set up.

DIY: We’ve seen all levels of hideous installations, from the excess cable twisted around the frame, to it dangling within reach of the tyre.  Controllers exposed on the frame, and batteries strapped on with hose clamps and Velcro.  Lack of torque-bars on large hub motors.  This can be quite unsafe, as well as looking pretty ghetto.



REV: As with all machines with moving parts and electrical components, e-bikes require servicing and the occasional repair.  When you purchase your e-bike / system from REV Bikes, we support you with a comprehensive 2 year warranty on all electrical parts, up to 5 years on supplied bike frames, and a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our installation labour services.  This means that you can rest assured that the bike has been assembled with care, test ridden vigorously, and any problems you may face down the track will be rectified asap.  We also provide a Free Annual Safety Check to all our customers, in addition to the Free First Service.  We are here to help keep you rolling, and will always be on your side, even for over-the-phone diagnostics and solutions.

DIY: If you bought from overseas or second hand, you essentially have NO viable warranty, and may totally do your dough before even passing go.  Purchases from interstate suppliers are tricky to negotiate warranty repairs / replacements, as you’ll need to post parts back, which can get expensive.  Worthwhile considering is the cost and availability of replacement batteries, in the unfortunately situation that yours should fail prematurely.



REV: Given our passion and focus on transforming peoples lives with the right e-bike system, we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations of customer service.  We take the time to show you all the options, and allow you to test ride these on bikes, out on a hilly bicycle track (off the road).  We schedule the test-ride appointments, to ensure we can focus on you during your visit.  We talk you through what will work on your bike, and suit your riding style.  Our handover is very detailed, with supporting documentation written in plain English.  We offer complimentary products and services too, such as bike servicing, custom-made battery packs, e-bike mechanic training courses, and more.  And the confidence that you are able to call or pop in, and we’ll be able to assist you.

DIY: An unknown.



REV: We build e-bikes right here in our workshops.  These are some of the only e-bikes made in Australia at this time.  These are built specifically for our terrain, and our riders, using tried and tested components, and on bikes that will go the distance.  You may choose to RECYCLE the bike, thereby saving yourself money and

We use imported products, including many from China.  We have visited the factories we are sourcing from, and dealt with these suppliers (whom understand our clear focus on quality, not skimping to get a better price) for over 8 years now.  We have tried comparable motor systems from Germany, Italy and Hong Kong, and have not been nearly as impressed as we have with the Chinese Bafang systems.  We carry all spare parts in our workshop (not for general sale).


If you have any questions remaining about the benefits of choosing REV-Bikes as your e-bike partner, please give us a call to see if we can assist you.  Or check out our Google Reviews to understand how our customers feel about our products and services 🙂