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Giant Liv Flourish

Trip to the cafe, anyone?
Leave the car in the garage, and get out and about on this fun and fashionable town bike.
Available in a cool white, in sizes extra small to medium.
Find all the specs on the Giant website here

Add any REV kit from our range offered below, to set up a comfortable and practical e-bike, for a great price!  Or of course, bring ANY bike for us to convert to electric..  you choose, because YOU HAVE THE POWER  ;P

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Orbea Gain F40

Gain was designed to enhance your ride, not dominate it. The Enough Power and Enough Energy concepts result in an exceptionally lightweight, sportive and rideable bike – a machine that heeds the call of the open road. Gain embraces your sweat and hard work and works in unison with your efforts to tick off the kilometers. System interfaces are modern, integrated and sleek. There are no bulky components to reduce the riding experience, distractions have been minimized so it’s just you, Gain and the hours ahead.

Read our review of the Orbea Gain here

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Orbea Keram Comfort 30

Among KERAM’s features is a geometry designed for a more comfortable position than that of sportive-style bikes. The upright position gives great visibility and control, contributing to a safer feel on the bike. Riders of any age or experience level will quickly discover KERAM is fun and easy to ride. The advanced motor and electronics integration gives riders more freedom and range than ever before.

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Orbea Optima E40

Optima is an apparently “normal” bicycle, but both the architecture and the ergonomics of the new Optima are innovative. It is a bike designed to be used as an electric bicycle from the conceptual design phase. With a motor which feel very much in the background, allowing a normal feeling ride, you’ll still get a workout, and only notice the lack of exhaustion after you’ve travelled twice as far!

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REV Recumbents

If you have ever ridden a recumbent tricycle, you know the awesome feeling… the supreme comfort, the stability, and the speed (downhill)!

Add a motor, and the uphills are no longer the downfall.. They feel like a downfall instead of being one!

Riding a REV Recumbent is like the best Billy Kart you ever dreamed of!

We can convert ANY Greenspeed Trike, this one is the GT20, shown with a 750w mid-drive motor (this is our demo bike, come have a try!)

The GT20 trike with entry-level hub-motor kit starts at $4900 complete (pending avaialbility and price fluctuations).   Check out the Anura for a fantastic TANDEM coupling option too!

We make these REV-Recumbents to order, all options are available, so call us to discuss your requirements.. because we can’t possibly list all the options here!   We will help you decide what’s going to suit you, and provide a quote all inclusive.

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REV Rove – Electrified LIV Rove

This well appointed hybrid bike is designed to commute well on the road, and be versatile enough to take on paths and trails.

250w bikes are set up to be road-legal, so they come without a throttle (pedal assist only), and have the motor speed limited to 25km/h.  500w – 1000w bikes are set up with a thumb throttle on the left side of the handlebars, in addition to the pedelec function.

The base option includes a Rove 4 2020 (with Hydraulic disc brakes) fitted with a 250w Bafang motor system and 36v 6.4Ah bag battery.  Changes to desired battery size and/or power levels can be made in the options below.

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REV’d fold’r

The Giant Expressway folding bike is an excellent doner bike, capable of running a hub or mid drive motor.

Compact and able, this agile bike can fit into any car, can be taken on public transport, is perfect for caravaning or boating, and is ideal for storage in apartments.

It’s a great fit for anyone up to 175 cm in height.

Comes complete with stand, carrier rack and travel bag.

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REV’d low hybrid

The Avanti Discovery is a solid and robust step through bike, with many comfort features including suspension forks, suspension seat-post, balloon tyres, and soft and handlebar grips.  With an attractive and sturdy frame, this bike feels stable, even with the battery weight up high.

With the option to fit either a hub or a mid-mount motor, this Step-through bike is a brilliant all-rounder which can be fully customised for your leisure riding or commuting needs.

Pictured here with 250 w mid drive motor and 36v 14.4ah LoVo rack battery.

Avanti bike sizing chart/information

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REV’d Roam – hub motor

Get your motor running with this racy hybrid. Either on your daily commute or getting out and about on the trails, this bike will have you at your destination with ease. You have all the power you need for your journey, and have full gear options for riding unassisted as you desire (geared motors up to 500w are completely freewheeling).

With the full range of Giant Roam options to choose from, there is a perfect bike for every budget.

See your bike options here.

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REV’d Roam – mid-mount

The Roam comes in sizes from small to extra large, so great for the whole family.
Find your size here
Disc brakes (with cut-out sensor) will have you stopped in your tracks if the need arises.
Your choice of battery, from our entire range.
Standard (unpowered) bike retails at $599-1499 (*INCLUDING HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES), giving a great range of choice for a very well-spec’d quality e-bike (& MADE IN AUSTRALIA), without the hefty pricetag.

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REV’d Trike

For the young at heart, a tricycle provides freedom of movement. Giving stability and balance, tricycles are a brilliant way to get around.
Whether you use it to go shopping or leisure riding, you can bring your pet or your picnic, without hassle or worry about the hills.

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ReVenge – Cargo bike

Introducing the ReVenge!-new from REV Bikes.

The ReVenge is an exciting new longtail cargo bike measuring just 1800 mm long, 1m high & 450mm wide. So it has a similar footprint to a regular bike, but with the load carrying capacity of a cargo bike. FEATURING dual batteries, you need never worry about range again!


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