250w Hub Motor Kit with Rack Battery

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The REVolutionary 250w hub motor kit will transform virtually any bike into an easy-to-use e-bike.
Our hub motor kits come in all common wheel sizes, and can replace either the front or rear wheel. The system allows you to choose between 5 different levels of automatic pedelec assistance. These levels are easily adjustable from the LCD screen on the handlebars.

This kit comes complete with a rack-mounted battery, including the rack, which can be fitted over the rear wheel on most bikes. This also allows you to fit a rack bag or pannier for handy storage space.

No longer will you be limited to where you can ride.. The hills will feel flat, and the world will open up for you when you upgrade your bike with a REV-Bikes electric assist system. Book a Test Ride – we even come to you!


Kits must be installed by a REV Bikes dealer. This can be done at a REV Bikes dealership at no extra cost, or you can have a REV technician come to your premises and install for an additional fee (you must be within 50km of a REV dealer). REV Dealership locations are:

  • Victoria:
    • REV-Bikes HQ – Nunawading
    • Beuchat Bikes – Brunswick East
    • Drouin Cycles – Drouin
  • Tasmania:
    • Pedaltec Tasmania – Hobart
  • South Australia:
    • Rays Trikes – Woodside
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**MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE upon Test Ride at pickup/delivery**


Premium 250w Hub Motor Kit, with Rear Rack Battery

The subtle and stylish matt-black mini-motor comes in either a front or rear wheel (we usually recommend a front wheel motor with this rear rack battery). The planetary geared motor is totally freewheeling, meaning there is no resistance to the normal rolling motion of the wheel.

Our wheels are built using durable double-wall rims and thicker 12G spokes, to withstand the extra weight and torque of the motor. The motor casing also includes holes to attach a disc brake rotor, if you bike has discs. All common wheel sizes are available to choose from.

This quality motorised wheel is matched with a compact 14amp controller, the brains of the system, positioned between the battery and the motor. All cables come to this hub, and are designed to be appropriate lengths for the average bike.

The controls included for engaging the motor are the pedelec sensor (mounted to the bottom bracket), and the optional-to-install throttle (thumb style as standard, or twist style available on request). Throttles are not strictly road-legal on a 250w kit, but they are sometimes popular amongst people who really need the assistance taking-off, before they have rotated the pedals enough for the pedelec to kick in.

Also included are electronic cut-out brake levers, or magnetic cutout sensors which can be fitted to existing levers, to provide a safety cutout feature when braking.

The LCD3 handlebar dashboard display allows you to adjust the strength of pedelec assistance. The display has a backlight, and it displays useful information such as battery level and voltage, wheel speed, power usage, distance travelled, and a few other handy stats.

The package is completed with a Rack Battery (options on range), which is the best solution on step-through bikes, and those with small triangles or non-straight lines on the frame. The largest battery will take the average rider at least 90kms per charge, meaning a full day-trip of leisure riding is easily possible, or often several days worth of commuting can be done between charges. This means the battery will last much longer than if having to charge after every ride.  Small battery will give at least 50kms.

Racks can be mounted over the rear wheel of virtually any bike, presuming the bike has the mounting points on the seat stays, and down near the rear dropouts. Racks have the added benefit of being able to mount a rack-bag, which gives you somewhere to put your things, whilst also protecting your battery from full sun. And they include a bonus rear light, which is great for being seen.

We only use the top-quality battery chemistry of Lithium tri-metal (Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide, or NMC), which is the leading type used for electric vehicles at the moment. Read more on our batteries page.

Our kits can electrify ANY bike, often giving a new life to your old trusty. But if you’d prefer a brand new and shiny bike, check out our recommended bikes for this kit.

We are so sure you won’t be disappointed, we are happy to offer you a 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on this kit.. Love it, or you’ll get your money back!

We provide 2 years warranty on all parts in the kit, and a lifetime warranty on our labour if we fit it for you – check out our Mobile Service.

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