36v 28ah Max battery


Go far and beyond with your e-bike, utilising the premium Max battery. This 36v 28ah battery will eliminate range-anxiety, with the Max providing a MINIMUM range of 120kms (double that on rail trails).
Solid mounting plate and lockable bracket, the battery can be removed for easy charging indoors.

Our Guarantee

**MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE upon Test Ride at pickup/delivery**


Add extra-long range to your 250w system with our 36v Max battery
REV 36v 28ah Max battery

Frame-mounting batteries are designed to be fitted in the diamond or triangle of the bike frame, which provides central and low positioning, for better balance on the bike.

The bracket is normally attached to the existing water-bottle mounts found on most bikes.

These batteries can also be mounted on top of a rear rack if desired, or in the basket of a tricycle. Or, Rivnuts can be inserted on the bike frame, to mount these batteries in other positions, for example on the top tube (eg BMX), below the down tube (eg, maybe dual sus MTB), or anywhere else on a recumbent, tricycle, scooter, etc.


Battery Care Guidelines


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Charging Practices, Prolonging the life of your Battery Pack, and Important Info for Battery Care