36v Rack Batteries (10.5ah and 17.5ah)


Designed for use with any 250w motor & controller set-ups, the 36v REV Rack batteries can be used as a primary or secondary battery for any 250w kit or bike, or a replacement / secondary battery on many 36v 250w e-bikes.

The battery is lockable for security, and simple to unlock and remove from the bike for easy charging. The package includes the compatible rack, which can mount a bag or basket on top.   Note; the 16.5ah battery does not have a controller box at the front, as the other sizes do.

This battery has an on/off switch, and a bonus rear light is attached.



Ideal for step-through bikes
36v pack with rack included, and 3A charger

Rack batteries are designed to mount over the rear wheel, and are adjustable in height to suit bikes with 24-29″ wheels. They can be mounted over smaller wheels too, but will sit a bit high.

Rack batteries are necessary with cruiser-style (curvy) frames, or frames with a small or no diamond (such as step-through frames). This position leaves the bulk weight quite high over the back of the bike, which is not ideal for the best balance of the bike. This can be ok for general commuting or leisure riding, but we generally recommend frame-mounting batteries wherever possible, especially for sporty applications.

Rack batteries cannot be used on Dual Suspension MTBs, without some significant modification to the forward mounting points.  This is not recommended.






16.5Ah / 14Ah / 9Ah


50 - 90kms minimum


LG MH1 cells. 3200mAh each, 10A max current each (60A for the 6s pack)


10s 6p, 5p or 4p


LVC at 30v, 20A peak output


3A charger included (capable of 3A max charging)


4.5kg, including mounting rack


LoVo 1500-2000 charge cycles, standard 500-1000 charge cycles


LoVo 3 Years, standard 1 year


Battery Care Guidelines


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Charging Practices, Prolonging the life of your Battery Pack, and Important Info for Battery Care

FREE battery templates pack

Wondering if this battery pack will fit your bike?

We'll post you out a free pack of paper battery templates so you can be certain this battery will fit in your frame. All you need to do is cut them out and test them with your bike.

      Here's what the template looks like (not to scale!):