500w Mid-Drive Kit

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Complete kit with bonus extras, including gear sensor, and brake cutout sensor for existing levers.. no need to pay extra for the stuff you’ll ultimately want.  We’ll even program the controller to your specifications at no extra cost 🙂

A mid-mount motor running on the chain gives you the powerful advantage of providing different gear ratios for the motor to perform in. When you are in a low gear (for taking off or hill climbing), you will get higher torque from the motor. And when you are in a higher gear, you will get more top speed from the motor. So, just like in a manual car. This leads to more efficient use of the battery, and the motor assists you at appropriate torque levels, selected by you based on the terrain.

The BBS02 500w system gives twice the hill-climbing torque of the 250w version, and is also not speed-limited. It allows you to choose from 5 different levels of automatic pedelec assistance, so you can operate the bike at lower power levels to conserve energy, but you have the extra power there when you need it.

Choose from our range of versatile and practical matched 48v batteries, either frame-mounting which is designed for balanced comfort due to their central and low mounting position, or rack style as better for step-through bikes.

The weight of the motor/controller unit is also in its best possible position down below the bottom bracket, worth half of any unsprung weight in the wheel (ie. compared to hub motors).

No longer will you be limited to where you can ride.. The hills will feel flat, and the world will open up for you when you upgrade your bike with a REV-Bikes electric assist system. Book a Test Ride – we even come to you!

Our kits can electrify ANY bike, often giving a new life to your old trusty. But if you’d prefer a brand new and shiny bike, check out our recommended bikes for this kit.

We are so sure you won’t be disappointed, we are happy to offer you a 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on this kit.. Love it, or you’ll get your money back!

We provide 2 years warranty on all parts in the kit, and a lifetime warranty on our labour if we fit it for you – check out our Mobile Service.

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500w Mid-Drive Kit, with Variable Torque & Speed

Bafang (or ‘8FUN’) motors are generally accepted to be the best after-market mid-drive motors in the industry. There is a reason they have such a good reputation.. we have seen for ourselves the quality control systems in place at the factory outside Shanghai, and we are definitely impressed with the performance of their mid-mount systems.

The motor mounts through any standard bottom bracket from 68mm – 73mm wide (press-fit bottom brackets require an adapter). The entire bottom bracket and crankset assembly is removed, and replaced by the motor and single chainring. Cranks are also included, and you can reuse your existing pedals (9/16”). Your rear gears will remain untouched.

The controller & pedelec are both internal within the mid-drive motor, which simplifies the fitting. The pedelec is very responsive, especially when appropriately choosing low gears to take off in. This is important on a mid-drive e-bike, like when driving a manual car, to get the most torque during take-off and hill climbing.

The handlebar controls provided include the optional-to-install throttle (thumb style). Throttles are helpful during taking-off, before the pedals have rotated enough for the pedelec to kick in. When we install, we re-program the throttle to provide 100% power regardless of pedelec level selected. The left hand side of your handlebars will be available for fitting a thumb throttle, without clashing with any gear shifters (because the front gears are removed).

Also included are electronic cut-out brake levers, or magnetic cutout sensors which can be fitted to existing levers, to provide a safety cutout feature when braking. We also include a Gear Sensor, which cuts power temporarily while you change gears, to reduce stress and wear on your drivetrain. The existing gear cable is threaded through this sensor.

The market-leading 850c colour LCD mounts over the headstem in the centre of the handlebars, with a loom out to the buttons, for them to be within easy reach. This shows all the functions and stats you could possibly want, on an attractive visual interface. You can choose to set it up with 3, 5 or 9 available pedelec levels.

The final component is a speed sensor. The pick-up sensor is normally mounted to the chain stay beside the rear wheel, with a magnet fitted to one of the spokes.

The package is completed with a quality frame mounted battery or rack battery, and there are a few different options available based on the distances you want to travel per charge. Mounting to the water bottle lugs in the triangle is ideal, as it’s good to keep the battery weight low and central, to make for a more comfortable and balanced ride. Or if your bike doesn’t lend itself to this, then choose the Rack battery option, which also can accommodate a handy rack-top bag.

We only use the top-quality battery chemistry of Lithium tri-metal (Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide, or NMC), which is the leading type used for electric vehicles at the moment. Read more on our batteries page. Also find links to sizing templates for the frame-mounting batteries, or you can order a Battery Template Kit by mail, so that you can confirm what fits, and order your ideal battery with complete confidence that it will suit your frame.

If you are planning to DIY your e-bike build, we have a range of helpful videos to assist you, and we’ll also provide a straightforward installation manual with your kit. Or, you might like to attend one of our Training Courses, designed to help you fit your own kit, while learning the ins and outs of e-bike systems more broadly.

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