REV’d low hybrid


The Avanti Discovery is a solid and robust step through bike, with many comfort features including suspension forks, suspension seat-post, balloon tyres, and soft and handlebar grips.  With an attractive and sturdy frame, this bike feels stable, even with the battery weight up high.

With the option to fit either a hub or a mid-mount motor, this Step-through bike is a brilliant all-rounder which can be fully customised for your leisure riding or commuting needs.

Pictured here with 250 w mid drive motor and 36v 14.4ah LoVo rack battery.

Avanti bike sizing chart/information



This stylish comfortable easy ride is practical on tracks and roads, for adventure, commuting or leisure.

Includes 5 levels of pedal assist, and optional throttle.. to assist with take-off and e-boost override.

Pictured with mid-drive motor (250-750w).

Base model includes a simple to use 250w hub motor in front wheel, with a 36v 13Ah rack battery at the rear.  Options available include mid drive motor and longer-range batteries.

Rack battery comes complete with rear light, and front light can also be included.