Bag Battery (36v & 48v)


These ultra-convenient and lightweight SADDLE BAG batteries mount easily behind the seat-post, under the saddle.  This keeps the frame looking more like a regular bike, without a bulky battery.

These batteries particularly suit bikes with small triangles, such as dual suspension, kids bikes or step-through bikes.  Or for those who prefer to keep their e-bike looking un-electrified ;P

A variety of sizes are currently available, to suit most budgets, and to give you the range and power you need to get your motor running.  **We will consolidate this range very soon, limiting the options to the most popular models.**

Available in either 36v (suitable for 250w motors) or 48v (to power bikes with 500w or 750w motors).




36v 10ah36v 15ah48v 10ah
20 LG2170 cells30 LG2170 cells26 LG2170 cells
1.7kg + bag2.4kg2.2kg + bag
With bag (Topeak or top tube)
Without bag
With bag (Topeak or top tube)

Dimensions: All packs are 23cm long x 15cm wide x 12cm tall.


Battery Care Guidelines


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Charging Practices, Prolonging the life of your Battery Pack, and Important Info for Battery Care