Bag Battery (36v & 48v)


These ultra-convenient and lightweight SADDLE BAG batteries mount easily behind the seat-post, under the saddle.  This keeps the frame looking more like a regular bike, without a bulky battery.

These batteries particularly suit bikes with small triangles, such as dual suspension, kids bikes or step-through bikes.  Or for those who prefer to keep their e-bike looking un-electrified ;P

A variety of sizes are currently available, to suit most budgets, and to give you the range and power you need to get your motor running.  **We will consolidate this range very soon, limiting the options to the most popular models.**

Available in either 36v (suitable for 250w motors) or 48v (to power bikes with 500w or 750w motors).

Our LoVo technology gives DOUBLE the lifespan compared with other packs on the market.

Our Guarantee
**MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE upon Test Ride at pickup/delivery**



36v 9ah (LoVo)36v 12.5ah (LoVo)48v 9.5ah (LoVo)
30 LG MH1 cells40 Panasonic GA cells39 Panasonic GA cells

Dimensions: All packs are 23cm long x 15cm wide x 12cm tall.


Battery Care Guidelines


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Charging Practices, Prolonging the life of your Battery Pack, and Important Info for Battery Care