Bling Ring (HD)


The premium chainring for use with Bafang mid-mount systems, Lekkie Bling Rings ensure your chain will not jump off, due to their deep offset, and grippy narrow-wide tooth pattern.



Across the industry, Lekkie have become known as the leading chain rings for after-market mid-mount motor systems. They are lighter and stronger than those which come standard with the Bafang kits.

Coming in a range of sizes, there is a solution for everyone in this range. The HD range is suitable for use with 1000w motors.

If you would prefer to get more TORQUE from your motor ahead of speed, choose a smaller ring, to gear your whole bike down a bit.   If you want higher speeds, gear up with a larger chain ring.

*Beware that gearing up will leave you with less torque, which will put more strain on the motor on hills.