Brompton 250w Hub Motor Kit with Bottle battery

From: $1,700.00

The Brompton Kit has been designed for Brompton bikes, and has a compact & discreet geared (freewheeling) Brushless Motor. The hub motor assists the rider to effortlessly climb hills and shorten their journey. The motor can assist an average adult up a steep 20% incline with ease. Coupled with a finely tuned controller algorithm, the silent motor has no drag – even when turned off.

It has a 250w Motor within a 16” wheel, with a maximum speed of 25kph, and a 345Wh battery with up to 70km range.

Controller is built into the battery bracket, meaning the installation is very neat, and out of the way of the folding functionality.

An awesome solution for all those with the super practical classic Brompton, to bring it into the modern era 🙂

Installed for $1700

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**MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE upon Test Ride at pickup/delivery**


REV Certified Installation included in pricing (must be installed by one of our Dealers)

  • Bottle Battery: 36V9.6AH  (345 Watt Hours) – minimum range 30kms
  • Integrated controller on battery mounting bracket
  • Drive Type: Front Hub, frictionless geared motor
  • Fork Dropout width: 74-80mm (fits Brompton and other folding bicycles with narrow forks e.g. Dahon)
  • Top Speed: 25km per hour
  • Torque: 40Nm
  • Brake Compatibility: Rim brake
  • Gear Compatibility: All gear types, including derailleur and hub gears
  • Added Weight: 1.5kg Battery / controller, and 1.5kg motor
  • Spokes: Silver 28x12g spokes
  • Rim: Black double walled, with grooved silver braking surface
  • Display:  Compact & discreet KT LCD4 display, with 5 levels of Pedelec
  • Brake cutout sensor
  • Bonus front light to run off main battery!

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