Cassettes (various sizes)


All moving parts wear down over time.   Worn teeth on cogs (shown by the ‘shark fin’ effect) will reduce the performance of your e-bike, especially with mid drive motors (which will wear out your drive-train parts faster too).   This will mean your gears won’t change smoothly.   A worn cassette will cause faster wear on your chain too.

NOTE: Our rear hub motors require cassettes to be mounted on them.   To remove your existing one from the wheel, you’ll need some special tools.   If you’d rather, just order this product with a kit, and we’ll fit it to your motor for you, reducing the need for you to mess about with this extra task.

  • Please note, some older bikes will have screw-on Freewheels fitted rather than these splined Cassettes.   So it will in that case be critical for you to buy one of these, if you’re getting a rear hub motor.   But if you are only seeking to upgrade what you have, you’ll need to get a Freewheel, not a cassette.

Select firstly the ‘speed’ (number of gears your bike has), and then choose the number of teeth you’d prefer on the smallest and largest cogs.

Our Guarantee
**MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE upon Test Ride at pickup/delivery**