REV Recumbents

From: $6,000.00

If you have ever ridden a recumbent tricycle, you know the awesome feeling… the supreme comfort, the stability, and the speed (downhill)!

Add a motor, and the uphills are no longer the downfall.. They feel like a downfall instead of being one!

Riding a REV Recumbent is like the best Billy Kart you ever dreamed of!

We can convert ANY Greenspeed Trike, this one is the GT20, shown with a 750w mid-drive motor (this is our demo bike, come have a try!)

The GT20 trike with entry-level hub-motor kit starts at $4900 complete (pending availability and price fluctuations).   Check out the Anura for a fantastic TANDEM coupling option too!

We make these REV-Recumbents to order, all options are available, so call us to discuss your requirements.. because we can’t possibly list all the options here!   We will help you decide what’s going to suit you, and provide a quote all inclusive.

Our Guarantee
**MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE upon Test Ride at pickup/delivery**