REV’d Roam – mid-mount

The Giant Roam comes in sizes from small to extra large, so great for the whole family.
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Disc brakes (with cut-out sensor) will have you stopped in your tracks if the need arises.
Your choice of battery, from our entire range.
Standard (unpowered) bikes retail from $599-1499 (*INCLUDING HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES), giving a great range of choice for a very well-spec’d quality e-bike (& MADE IN AUSTRALIA), without the hefty pricetag.

We can use similar bikes to create your dream e-bike.. check models and availability at your favourite bike shop, or ask us for more info.



The mid-mount motor has great torque & speed, getting you up the hills with ease, and cruising at sweet speeds.  Torque it up by using your lower gears!  Speed up by shifting to higher gears.

Hydraulic disc brakes with cut-out sensors will have you stopped in your tracks, if the need arises.

Coming in a range of colours with different specs, you’re bound to find one which suits you perfectly.. Then we match the right motor and battery kit, and you have your ideal e-bike, hand made in Australia, for a great price!

Bike options can be found at your local bike store, or ask us to demonstrate the best current options for you.