Australia’s first ever:

Electric Bike Mechanics Training Course

Interested in working in the growing & exciting industry of Electric Bicycles?

Become one of the first Australians to be formally trained in this field. Gain the skills to build, diagnose and repair e-bikes. Walk away with not only knowledge, but also with your very own (built by YOU) custom electric bike! And all for less $ than the average e-bike.

2022 Dates:

Melbourne: TBC

Brisbane: TBC

Sydney: TBC

Due to COVID-19, courses and locations are subject to change.
If you are interested in attending a REV E-Bike course, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact shortly.


  • General bike & e-bike servicing
  • Installing different motors & controls
  • Lithium battery technology & best practice
  • Fault-finding & repairs.
  • Detailed Manual provided.

Become part of a network of skilled and knowledgeable e-bike experts, with the chance to partner with our well-respected Australian e-bike company as a distributor.


3.5-day Intensive Course Build your own E-bike & Mechanic business.
$ 950 *You must also purchase a REV-Bikes kit for this course
E-Bikes & The Law
Components of E-Bikes & Differences in motor types
E-Bikes VS Retrofit Kits & Test Riding
Customer Expectations & Selecting systems
General Bike Servicing, General Electrical Theory
About E-Bike Motors, Batteries & Controls
Customising parameters & Tuning
Fitting Hub & Mid-Drive Motors, Batteries & Controls
Challenges of particular bikes
(Plus everything in 2-day and 1-day courses)
2-day Bike Mechanic Course RE-Vamp your skillset and get into E-Bikes
$ 295 ** Must be an experienced (practicing or retired) bike mechanic to qualify. Confident to sell & service e-bikes. Each 2 day course tailored specifically to Industry and Genre'
½ day overview of all content from 3.5 day course
Matching Customers to Motors / Bikes
Calculating battery range
Diagnosis of faults
Repairs on E-Bikes
Installing kits to existing bikes
Being a dealer for REV-Bikes
1-day Supported Installation Course We help you install your REV e-bike kit
$ 0 *You must also purchase a REV-Bikes kit for this course
Want to really get to know your new electric conversion? Why not book in on one of our in-store Supported Install Days and really get to know how your e-bike ticks.


Strictly limited places available (max 3 students per course)

To enquire about a course please fill out the form

Or call 03 9024 6653


“˜Rev-Becca’ Lee, Owner and Chief Rev-Tech, built her first electric bike back in 2009. Seeing such limited options for electric bikes in Australia, and negative stereotypes affecting their popularity back then, she set about building inspiring and creative solutions to active transport, hoping to help more people to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, and looking stylish in the process.

REV-Bikes are passionate about getting people riding bikes, when they otherwise wouldn’t. For some, this may mean ditching the car for a healthier commute, or others keep riding when they may consider themselves either too unfit or “˜a bit past it’. We know through personal experience that often the fastest, most active, environmentally friendly and FUN way to commute is by e-bike, it makes our 30km trip to the city an awesome adventure!

Our growing team of Rev-Techs are spreading across Australia, which you can be a part of too after undertaking our training.

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