REV Bikes are passionate about getting people on their bikes, and we are trying to help as many people as we can each day. We have a growing number of Dealers / Partners throughout Australia, who have completed training with us, and who are now equipped to assist people in their regions, just as we can.

In establishing a working relationship with our Wholesale Partners, the training that we offer them at an organisational level is customised to meet their particular audience.

These Partner organisations offer customised and electrified bikes to individuals with specific requirements, such as Trikes, Recumbents and Hand Cycles.

Our Partners take comfort in knowing they are working with an organisation with extensive knowledge of E-Bikes and conversions, and that they can call on us at any time for help. They also have access to a minimum of 20% off retail pricing, along with a 2-year warranty on all products.

We also assist customers on an individual basis, who come directly to us with their Occupational Therapist, so that as a team, we can customize their favourite existing bike, or source a particular bike and customize it to meet their specific needs.

Overall, we have a sound understanding of the requirements for those with special needs, and the process of applying for funding.

Course Outline for Partners

We have created 3.5 hours of online content which can be viewed by training participants prior to the Training, to give an overview of E-Bike systems & the Laws around electric assistance on bicycles and tricycles. This is so all participants have a similar level of background understanding at the beginning of their training.

Day 1 – Intended for Client Facing Personnel

  • Overview / Discussion of the online content
  • Test Riding the 2 different motors
  • Discussion on the technical difference, for the user
  • Installation limitations on particular bikes, mechanically
  • Customisation options of the different systems (throttle, speed limiting, gearing down, programming)
  • Range requirements, and selecting the right battery
  • Working with clients to establish the most appropriate system
  • Completing a Job Sheet (Order form)
  • Confirming pricing / stock availability
  • Examining the specific bikes that you commonly work with, and which systems may best suit each type
  • A closer look at the components of each system, and exploring how each is mounted on the Bike
  • Handing over the bike to the client, and explaining how everything works.
  • Review of REV’s user guides

Day 2 – Intended for Technical / Mechanical Personnel

  • Installing a Mid-drive motor system
  • Installing a Hub motor system
  • Installing batteries
  • Setting up the cockpit (handlebars)
  • Programming the display / Controller
  • Finishing off, with the cable tidying
  • Completing the Tech Check List

This course outline for partners can be customised to suit your particular needs, including the type of bike that you typically work with, such as a Trike, or around the level of staff required to be trained, such as Occupational Therapists or Bike Technicians.

Next Step

To learn more about REV Bikes and how we can assist you with your E-Bike journey, please call us on 03 9024 6653 or email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.