Electric Bike Workshop Services and Rates

Rev Electric Bikes previous workshop in Warrandyte, Melbourne (vintage picture, circa 2012)

Let us convert your existing bike, or your dream bike, with one of our Conversion  Kits. We can also diagnose and repair electric bike problems, and help with any installation issues.

We have over 10 years of experience working on all kinds of electric bikes, motors, controllers, and a few other random skills we picked up along the way.   This level of experience, as well as the extremely high care and attention to detail when working on our customers’ bikes, is how our reputation as The Experts in E-Bikes has developed.

Our rates and workshop services include (but are not limited to):

  • Standard REV-Bike Conversion (generally 1-2 days): Included in the kit price!! *
  • Mobile REV-Bike Conversion (we come to you, service on location): Add $100-150 to the kit price *
  • General E-bike Service   $80 (parts not included)
  • Diagnostic Service (inc 1 hr labour): $120
  • Repairs: $120 per hour

** Prices based on standard install, we’ll confirm when we see the bike.

We can also help you with the following:

  • Honing in on (& sourcing) the right bike & kit for your needs
  • Supplying & fitting top quality new tyres, bags, mudguards, racks, & other accessories
  • Connecting lights to run from your e-bike battery
  • Diagnostic Testing on faulty e-bikes
  • Repairing & Replacements

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We are able to service e-bikes where the owner can provide a legitimate proof of purchase (Gumtree or Marketplace does NOT count).  We are passionately opposed to the growing trend of stolen e-bikes being purchased through these mediums, and so are drawing a line in the sand, and choosing to support only those consumers choosing to purchase from legitimate sellers, including those who have purchased bikes which we have originally built.  Thank you for your understanding”

You can phone us anytime to discuss your needs: (03) 9024 6653