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So appreciate you sorting me out with such a good machine. I am officially a convert. My colleague here was also very impressed with his test ride. … more »

Fantastic little motor (Grunt Kit), can cruise at 200w and then it pulls up to 1200w going up hills.. So the 25km ride to work should be easy! … more »

"RevBecca, you continually surpass my expectations! I'm still loving the bike conversion, especially now the spring weather is here." … more »

Outstanding customer service. … more »

REV Electric Bike Conversion Kits: Get on your bike!

Electric bikes or conversion kits for your existing bike will transform your cycling experience, whether for fun or for commuting.  At eastern Melbourne's REV-Bikes, we provide a range of kits, with excellent before and after sales service, and we've run a workshop building e-bike conversions sice 2011.  

Choose from the road-legal 200w geared mini-motor kits, or buy an ‘off-road’ 1000w hub motor.  Install the kit yourself in an afternoon, or we can fit the Conversion Kit to your bike for you.  

You'll love the feeling of an Electrified Ride!  We have various bikes available for test ride, call us to arrange a visit today!

Thanks to our counterparts at GoldenMotor Canada for producing and allowing use of this video.

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