Choosing the right E-Bike Kit

Answering these common questions will assist you to select the right electric bike conversion kit for your needs:

Q1: Do you want to ride your bike legally on the road?

  • A: Yes, I want it to be a pedelec 250w set-up (so that when I’m pedalling, the motor will automatically assist me). Choose a Road Legal 250w Kit, either hub style or mid-mount.   Mid-mount systems can be capable of higher top speeds if we delimit them, and both CAN have a throttle fitted, but these will not be officially road-legal.
  • A: I’d like a small motor that LOOKS road legal, but that can go faster and climb steeper hills. Choose a 500w hub or 500w mid-mount system.
  • A: No, I will use my bike for ‘off-road’ riding. Choose an OverPowered System.


Q2: Do you want Performance or Simplicity?

  • A: I like to drive an automatic car, and prefer not to worry too much about my gears when riding a bike.   Choose a Hub Motor.
  • A: I like to maximise the performance potential and efficiency of my system, and am happy to use the gears to get a wider range of performance from my e-bike.   Choose a Mid-Mount system.


Q3: How far do you want to travel between charges (over-estimate if hilly)?

  • A: Up to 35 kms using pedelec. Choose the Thunder battery.
  • A: Up to 60 kms using pedelec. Choose the Highlite battery (or Max if using a higher powered motor).
  • A: Over 80kms.   Choose the Max battery, with a smaller motor, or maybe the efficient 500w mid-mount system.


Q4: Are you interested in the quality and longevity of your battery?

  • A: Yes – Look no further than REV’s new packs containing Panasonic 21700 cells, the cutting edge technology as used in Tesla cars, we are confident that these packs should last at least 1500 charge cycles.
  • A: No – Choose a smaller Thunder battery without LoVo technology


Q5: Would you find yourself sometimes riding at night?


Q6: Do you want a rack behind your saddle?

  • A: Yes – Choose a Rack battery, and enjoy the benefit of the bonus rack, which you can add a bag or basket to the top of.   These are NOT designed to mount a child’s seat, but they are rated to carry about 15kg total.
  • A: No – If you’d prefer a centrally positioned battery, choose a frame mounted battery. This is designed to attach simply to the water bottle holder lugs, and will keep the battery weight quite central in the frame, and low for better balance.


Q7: Do you want Experts to fit the components to your bike?

  • A: YES – I want it done professionally – Check out our Conversion Services – bring your bike to us, or we can come to you (if you’re within range of a dealer).   Or check out the Complete Bikes.
  • A: NO – I want to install myself – We no longer sell our kits for self-install (we’ve seen far too many disasters from it!), apart from the occasional Supported Install Days.  We only sell INSTALLED systems (labour costs included in our pricing), or we sell to our growing network of  Dealers (hopefully there is one near you), or we can possibly work with your local Bike Shop… get them to call us for more details.


You may wish to watch this helpful video to help you hone in on some more details of the different kits, and requirements of different bikes:


If you are still not sure which kit will best suit you, please feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs, on 03 9024 6653.