REV Electric Bike Conversion Kits: Electrify Your Ride!

At eastern Melbourne’s REV-Bikes, we sell & install a growing range of top quality e-bike kits, utilising cutting-edge battery technology. Conversion kits transform your existing bike to electric, allowing you to do so much more with your bike, whether for fun or commuting. Choose from hub and mid-mount motors with various battery options, ranging from road-legal 250w, to torquey 500w geared or direct-drive hub motors, 500-750w mid-mount motors, or powerful 1000-1500w direct drive hub motors (to travel with minimal pedalling, at 45+km/h) for off-road use. Any desired range can be achieved.

Install the kit yourself in a day, or we can fit to your bike for you. Coming soon, on-site service!

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding before and after sales service, dependable warranties, and expert workshop technicians available to answer your questions on ANY awesome ELECTRIFIED ideas. We’ve been building inspired e-bikes since 2010, so you can be confident in our expertise.. we’ve literally built hundreds of (virtually every single one different) electric bikes, trikes, fat-bikes, recumbents, dual trikes, pedicabs, scooters, BMX’s, downhill full suspension bikes, and more.

You’ll love the feeling of an Electrified Ride, adding power and speed to ANY style of bike. We have various electric bicycles & tricycles available for test rides (with many hills around here!), so call us to arrange a visit today.. You’ll love the view from here too 🙂

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High Powered Electric Off-Road Bikes

Riding REV Electric Bikes, showing 2 mountain bikes, one fitted with a 1000w Bafang mid-mount (chain-drive) motor, and the other a 1000w rear wheel hub motor. These bikes level out ANY terrain!

rEv-BIKES Transform ANY bike to Electric

Mobile e-bike experts we build to spec @ your place!
A REV-bike is an informed e-bike choice

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rEv-BIKES Custom e-bikes at affordable prices. Old or new bike, we’ll match an electric system to suit YOU. We fit, or DIY it. Imagine what becomes possible! 😀