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High Lumen Halo USB Light

This is an ultra-bright headlight, with an extra outer ring which can flash for oncoming traffic to see, without it noticeably blinking in your view.   Current model is gunmetal grey, as pictured.

The perfect accessory for an LCD colour display, this compact light runs off of USB, so can be plugged directly into your handlebar display if you are ordering a Bafang system.

The light will be brightest if plugged directly into a Tiger battery, which has a higher current output USB port.   Or you could also use an external Powerpack to run it at full brightness.

They are designed to mount on the handlebar, and have 2 buttons on the back for simple use. The inner light has 3 power levels, and the Halo ring can be solid or flashing.

Included with Tiger battery orders is an extra 150mm length of cable (extender) with an angled USB plug, to be used to connect to the battery’s USB port.

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Retro front light

This chrome plated LED headlight is designed to be connected directly to the 36v or 48v e-bike system.   It just has one setting – on.

Be safe, and be retro funky and stylish.

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Black LED headlight

This modern LED light is designed to run directly from the 36v or 48v battery of an e-bike.   It will mount normally to the top of the forks.   It has one function – on (no flashing setting).

Be seen and be streamlined.

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Rear Light (wired-in)

Compact rear LED light, to be powered by your e-bike battery system.

Designed to be mounted on the back of a carrier rack, or can be attached to the seat post, with the additional purchase of a seat post mounting bracket.

Comes with a 600mm cable, to plug straight into hub motor controllers (or may need to be spliced with a front light first), or into the main power cables of a Bafang system.

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